Iris recognition

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EC-IRIS Time clock overview

The Easy Clocking EC-IRIS is the most effective biometric employee time clock in the world today. This robust, contactless and hygienic solution verifies an employees identity based on the characteristics of their iris, While many mistake it for retinal scanning, iris recognition simply involves taking a picture of the iris; this picture is used solely for authentication. The employee stands in front the EC-IRIS and in less than a second their identity is verified. Iris recognition is the most accurate form of identifying an individual in high traffic areas, and also where fingerprint privacy and performance are a concern.


How does the Iris time clock work?

The EC-IRIS employs iris recognition technology to provide accurate identity authentication without the need for PIN numbers, passwords or cards. Video-based technology makes it easy to enroll in about 2 seconds, producing a template that is good for the life of the employee. Although the terminology "iris-scanning" is often used when referring to iris recognition technology, there is no scanning involved at all. Iris technology is based on pattern recognition and the pattern-capturing methodology is based on video camera technology similar to that found in camcorders commonplace in consumer electronics. Like these cameras, the image capture process does not require bright illumination or close-up imaging.

Fast and easy to use

  • Automatic user detection, EC-IRIS activates when user approaches
  • Picture capture range is between 12 to 14 inches
  • Color dot over bridge of nose helps user to authenticate efficiently
  • Visual indication is amplified with friendly audio prompts
  • Self or automatic set of height adjustment
  • Contact-less and hygienic

Large color LCD display

The large easy to read full color LCD screen displays the current time, when clocking in or out the screen displays the employee name and the large LED bar light provides employees with a instant good (green) or bad (red) punch indications with voice prompt.


Real time “Push” technology

Get up to the minute real time view of your workforce. Easy Clocking time clocks push data to the Easy Clocking software as it happens to give you a real time view of your employees time & attendance status. Our time clocks communicate seamlessly with our software, all you need is an ethernet connection.

Standalone operation

Unlike most of the time clocks sold today the Easy Clocking EC-IRIS is a wall mounted standalone device and does not require a computer to collect employee time. It stores all employee information in it’s built-in memory and up to 100,000 employee transactions can be stored in the EC-IRIS time clock. An internal battery ensures punches stored in the terminal are retained even in the event of a power outage. Internet connection is needed to send data to the web based software.

Job costing

Easily track jobs on the time clock. Employees can enter a specific job or project then clock in or out. These job code data is transferred seamlessly to the software to accurately give you detailed numbers on how much you are spending on jobs.

Features & benefits

  • Eliminates “buddy punching” the practice of one worker clocking in out for another.
  • Designed to work in any corporate environment, small to large.
  • Contact-less and hygienic
  • With Real-Time you see who's clocked in and out the moment it happens.
  • Works seamlessly with Easy Clocking time & attendance software
  • Built in HID card reader (13.56 Mhz)
  • Does not need a computer to operate, stores 100,000 transactions in it’s built-in memory
  • Touch sensing digital keypad
  • IP connectivity for LAN or WAN networks
  • Wiegand 26/34 bit outputs for secure access control
  • Dry contact relay connects to any 12 volt door lock