PC & Web based

Employee Time Clocks

Designed for today’s workforce

PC & Web based time clocks

Our PC & Web based time clocking option gives your workforce the option to login to the employee self-service, a web-based application, which enables users to clock in or out and manage their time via the web. No software is necessary on the client PC. Employees can either simply ‘Clock In’ or ‘Clock Out’ or clock onto tasks, projects and cost centers etc. These time records can be used by the time attendance system to automatically allocate hours worked to the various tasks, projects etc for costing purposes.

Web based fingerprint clock

The USB fingerprint reader is easy to install and requires no technical knowledge. Just plug it into any windows pc with an internet enabled web browser and off you go. Employees can clock in or out in seconds from their cloud based employee portal or PC installed clocking application. Completely Eliminates “buddy punching” the practice of one worker clocking in out for another.

Web based clocking interface

Employees clock in and out through an online time clock. Restrict only certain computers or networks where employees can clock in and out from. Employee can enter a specific job code to track job costing.

Real time “Push” technology

Get up to the minute real time view of your workforce. Easy Clocking time clocks push data to the Easy Clocking software as it happens to give you a real time view of your employees time & attendance status. Our time clocks communicate seamlessly with our software, all you need is an ethernet connection.

Job costing

Easily track jobs on the time clock. Employees can enter a specific job or project then clock in or out. These job code data is transferred seamlessly to the software to accurately give you detailed numbers on how much you are spending on jobs.


Features & benefits

  • Employees can manage time right from their own PCs
  • With Real-Time you see who's clocked in and out the moment it happens.
  • Works seamlessly with Easy Clocking time & attendance software
  • Designed to work in any corporate environment
  • Multiple Employees can manage their time on one PC terminal
  • No software installation necessary on the PC